Welcome to Faba Hair! We are happy to have you here and we hope you enjoy your stay. Faba Hair site is a site that allows visitors to purchase human hair product directly.

The Price
The total price for an item on Faba Hair is made up of:

Item price: The item price is made up of a product fee (for the hair you choose)
shipping fee: In some transactions on Faba the total checkout price may include a shipping fee.
Taxes: Some transactions on Faba Hair may be subject to the tax that may be added to the price.
Acceptable Payment Methods
We accept all major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover Card) as well as PayPal, and we also offer installment payment plans.

Payment of PayPal:
All transactions are processed through PayPal, which is a secure form of payment. You do not need a PayPal account to use their payment service.

If you have your PayPal account, we suggest you complete the payment through PayPal.
If you want to use the PayPal payment, but you don’t have one PayPal account, you may need to register a PayPal account first or use PayPal guest payment service.
PayPal accept pay of credit card in your PayPal account, it is accepted if you choose a credit card to pay in PayPal (click the PayPal & Credit icon, you will be redirected to the PayPal.
Note: Choose PayPal to pay, you can select the currency used in your country, we accept all the currency for payment.

Payment of Credit Card
If you want to complete the payment with credit card (not through PayPal), you can choose the payment method of credit. Please click the icon of MasterCard or Visa Credit Card, you will be redirected to the payment gateway to make the payment, then fill in your card information to complete the payment.

Note: Your credit card will be charged upon placement of your order.

Pay Attention:

When we confirm to receive the payment, we will arrange the shipment. Orders are subject to verification and acceptance prior to shipping, it may take 1-2 working days.

If you change your mind about the products you have purchased from us, we will accept a return and refund. If you want more information about returns and exchanges, please to Return & refund policy.

Unpaid Order
When your order is submitted on the website and you may go through to payment gateway to make the payment, the order is recorded on our database as an unpaid order. When confirmation that payment has been made, sent automatically by the payment gateway, is received by us, then the order is marked as paid and it appears on your orders page.

Sometimes this process goes wrong, or sometimes you will decide to pay by phone instead or even not proceed with the order, then your ‘order’ will be marked as unpaid. You always can access your unpaid order in your account page, we will keep it for you and wait for your comeback.

Currency Conversion
All prices listed on the website are in US (USD) dollars (set as a default), you can switch currency showed on our website to which one used in your area/country. For international orders, the bank that has issued your credit/debit card determines the exact exchange rate that you will be charged. The amount charged from the original Faba Hair invoice purchased is returned when refunded by the seller. Please note we cannot be held responsible for any discrepancies caused by exchange rate fluctuations.

USA State Sales Taxes
Yes, Faba Hair will charge sales taxes to the following states, Wisconsin, Washington, Virginia, Utah, Texas, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, New Jersey, Nevada, Nebraska, Michigan, Florida, Maryland, Louisiana, Kentucky, Kansas, Indiana, Illinois, Georgia, Colorado, California, Arkansas and New York.
These collected taxes are mandated by the local state governments and Faba Hair in no way benefits from this and directly pays the amount collected to the state.

Payment Safety
Faba DO NOT save any information about your card or your PayPal account. and it always remains the private property of the cardholder before, during, and after the product purchase.

We take many active steps to ensure the absolute safety of your credit card and personal information. In addition to processing all credit card sales via a fully secured and reputable third-party payment processor, your checkout experience is protected by industry standard 128 Bit SSL encryption to protect your private data.