Why Is a Blonde Wig Called '613'?

613 wigs have been making waves as a popular bold hair trend, but what exactly does the distinctive 613 label mean? This guide will decode the science behind the platinum 613 hair color and provide ideas for rocking this head-turning blonde wig trend yourself. By demystifying this magical numbering system and the icy shade it represents, the reasons for 613 wigs' allure will become clear.

What Does 613 Mean in Wigs?

When it comes to wigs, what does 613 actually mean? Basically, it's shorthand for an ultra-light platinum blonde shade with a cool undertone. We're talking pale, icy locks bordering on silver or white-blonde.

The 613 numbering comes from the universal hair color numbering system used by stylists and colorists. In this system, the first digit represents the level or degree of lightness, with 1 being the darkest and 10 the lightest. The second digit indicates the tone, whether it is warm (0-9) or cool (10-19). The third digit signifies the intensity or depth of the tone.

So in the case of 613:

  • The '6' means it is at level 6, which is a very light blonde.
  • The '1' specifies a cool or ashy Tone.
  • The '3' indicates a pale or beige Intensity within that cool, ultra-light range.

Therefore, 613 is a numeric code that precisely identifies this shade as an extremely light, cool-toned, platinum blonde wig color using an industry-standard numbering system.

613 in wigs refers to a specific shade of blonde: ultra-light platinum with a cool undertone. It's essentially a pale, icy blonde bordering on silver or white-blonde.

Key Differences Between 613 and 60 Blonde Wigs

While both 613 and 60 are classified as ultra-light blonde shades, it's crucial to understand the key differences between them. Although they may appear similar at first glance, the undertones and overall effects of these shades are distinct.

The 613 blonde boasts a cool, ashy undertone that lends it a striking, icy appearance. This shade has a near-silver or platinum effect, deviating from the warmth typically associated with natural blonde hair. It's this edgy, fashion-forward quality that sets the 613 apart and contributes to its bold, head-turning allure.

In contrast, the 60 blonde retains a subtle warm, buttery undertone. This shade appears slightly more natural and closer to the platinum blonde hues that can grow from the scalp. While still exceptionally light, the 60 lacks the cool, ashy cast of the 613, resulting in a softer, more subdued effect.

Consequently, the 613 is often labeled as a true "platinum" blonde due to its icy, almost white-like appearance. This shade is ideal for those seeking a dramatic, statement-making look that deviates from natural hair tones. Meanwhile, the 60 may be a more suitable choice for those preferring a subtler, albeit still very light, blonde shade with a hint of warmth.

How to Determine if a 613 Wig is Right for You

Before investing in a 613 wig, it's essential to consider whether this bold shade suits your personal style, skin tone, and lifestyle. The high-drama, icy platinum tone of 613 hair tends to flatter fair, cool-toned complexions best. Those with warm undertones in their skin may find that the cool, ashy hue clashes with their natural coloring, creating an unflattering contrast.

Additionally, the striking impact of a 613 wig may overpower petite frames or delicate facial features, making it challenging to pull off the bold look seamlessly.

Beyond appearance, it's crucial to assess your willingness and dedication to meticulously maintain the fragile, heavily bleached hair of a 613 wig. This shade requires intensive conditioning and regular toning treatments to preserve its vibrancy and prevent unwanted brassiness or discoloration. If you're hesitant about the potential for damage or the commitment to frequent upkeep, 613 wigs may not be the best choice.

However, if you embrace an adventurous and daring style, the 613 wig offers endless creative possibilities. Its pale, cool-toned canvas serves as the perfect base for experimenting with vivid, bold colors applied all over or concentrated into tips, chunks, or highlights. From vibrant neons like electric green to pastel shades like cotton candy pink, the 613 shade takes color beautifully, allowing you to create truly unique and eye-catching looks.

What to Consider When Selecting a Quality 613 Wig

When investing in a 613 wig, it's crucial to pay close attention to various details to ensure you're getting a high-quality product that suits your needs and preferences. Here are some key factors to consider:

  • Wig type: Lace front wigs and full lace wigs are popular choices for their natural-looking hairline and versatility in styling.
  • Cap size: Ensure the wig cap size matches your head circumference for a comfortable and secure fit.
  • Hair texture: Evaluate the texture of the wig hair to align with your desired look, whether it's silky straight, bouncy waves, or tight curls.
  • Density: Opt for a density that suits your preferences, with higher densities providing a fuller, more voluminous appearance.
  • Parting space: If you desire a realistic-looking part, consider wigs with an appropriate parting space or lace part.
  • Hair origin: Reputable brands often use high-quality human hair from reliable sources, ensuring longevity and natural movement.

Besides, be sure to examine product images closely to ensure the specific 613 shade suits your skin tone. It's important to note that color variations may exist within different brands' interpretations of 613, with some skewing slightly warmer or cooler.

Lastly, prepare your hair care regimen to maintain the longevity and vibrancy of your 613 wig. Invest in hydrating products to reduce dryness and damage caused by the bleaching process. Also, stock up on purple shampoo for toning treatments and volumizing products to combat potential limpness or flatness.

The 613 wig is a bold, icy platinum blonde that flatters fair, cool-toned complexions and adventurous styles.

Getting Creative with 613 Wigs

With a 613 wig as your canvas, the possibilities for creative hair color experimentation are endless. This ultra-light, cool-toned blonde shade serves as the perfect base for exploring a wide range of vibrant and trendy color combinations.

One popular technique is to use the 613 wig as a foundation for achieving stunning mermaid hues or unicorn-inspired rainbow styling. By carefully applying colorful dyes or temporary hair chalk, you can create a whimsical, multi-tonal effect that seamlessly blends into the icy blonde base.

For a more subtle yet striking look, consider hand-painting or foil highlighting vibrant colors through the ends and mid-lengths of your 613 wig, while keeping the roots a pristine platinum blonde. This creates a cool ombre effect that gradually transitions from the icy blonde to bold hues like fiery red, electric blue, or neon purple.

Festival season is the perfect opportunity to embrace your creative side and incorporate playful, chunky streaks of lime green, violet, or turquoise into your 613 wig. These eye-catching pops of color add a fun, bohemian vibe to your overall look.

Moreover, 613 wigs offer a low-commitment way to temporarily test out bold, unconventional hair colors before committing to permanent dyes on your natural hair. This allows you to experiment with various shades and styles without the risk of long-term damage or regret.

Whether you're aiming for a mermaid-inspired masterpiece, a daring unicorn look, or simply want to add a pop of color to your icy blonde base, a 613 wig provides the perfect canvas for unleashing your creativity and embracing your chameleon-like hair color aspirations.

Flaunt Your Bold Essence with the Captivating 613 Wig

The 613 wig is more than just a hair trend; it's a statement of individuality and a canvas for self-expression. Whether you're seeking a daring transformation or a temporary foray into the world of platinum cool tones, this captivating shade offers endless possibilities. Embrace your bold essence, experiment with creative color combinations, and let the 613 blonde wig be your catalyst for unleashing your inner fashionista. So, why wait? Dive into the world of 613 blonde wigs and unlock a world of endless style possibilities. Let your hair be a reflection of your fearless spirit and unapologetic pursuit of self-expression.

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